The 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics Tourism Plan: 

Field Tourism Project for the Municipality of Milan 2026


Cultural tourism management | Winter Olympics | Augmented reality

Milan, Italy (2019)

Field project as part of the “Cities, Cultural Tourism and Urban Life” course at Bocconi University. Output presented to the representative from the Municipality of Milano. 

Presented by: 

Huimiao Ran, Wei Fan, Jurui Liu, Yangyang Wu, Jiahui Liao, Haoze Tan


The Municipality of Milano, the Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life Department 


  • To develop a destination offer through a major sport event — The 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics;
  •  To support the Municipality in developing new integrated tourist projects that leverage on the coming Olympics and that target specific tourism segmentswith existing and/or future infrastructure, and ultimately, creating ‘system economies’. 


  • Leveraging on the Olympics and promote their values and territories; 
  • Actively involving the local stakeholders and spur community-centred investments; 
  • Enabling a wider/alternative tourist experience of Milano. 


In providing an integrated and immersive experience of art, culture, sports and city exploration, we created an Augmented reality (AR) game application to shape Milan and Cortina into a surreal world, which is accompanied by treasure hunting game and stadium and resort construction game.


  • Proposal idea and benchmarking
  • Background analysis 
  • Value proposition 
  • Tourist segment identification
  • Main activities and timeline
  • Key resources 
  • Stakeholders  and customer relationship
  • UI design and communication 
  • Costs and revenues 
  • Risk, goals, and scopes



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