SZU Student Union Official WeChat Platform - Annual report 2016

《深圳大学学生会官方微信平台 2016 年度报告》

New media strategy | Brand campaign | Copywriting | NFP

Shenzhen, China (2016)

Team directed & report designed by Jiahui Liao

The 24-page physical annual report reviews the operation of the SZU student union's weChat platform during 2016, covering five sections including overview, columns, performance data analysis, activity review, and team member information.

During the year, the team created several new columns, standardised the graphic layout and style, and provided timely coverage and effective publicity for the organisation's activities and information about campus life. Their outputs include:

  • Original Columns (Interviews, Literary Writing, Campus Life)
  • Fixed section (internship information, enterprise visits, lectures by celebrities)
  • Event coverage (organisational activities, campus events)
  • Promotion for projects (dance competition, policy competition, graduation season activities)
  • Original reports
  • Other

In terms of data, the team achieved: 45.27% increase in subscriptions, 66.7% increase in readership, with over 2,000 messages from subscribers and a 30,000 retweets.



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