Counterfeiting research for Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam


Art museum | Intellectual property | Counterfeiting

Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2020)

Supervisor: Jordy Howldar

Proposed by Jiahui Liao, as internship tasks at VGM

This task involves the detection of over a dozen counterfeiting activities in china that might post a negative influence on the museum's brand image and legal rights, ranging from unlicensed products, online and physical stores, and mobile applications.

Detailed information has been gathered based on internet research, from news coverage, online e-commerce shops, social media and more. 

The final output is provided with facts and issues, basic analysis for further discussion and action.

With the research result, further counterfeiting action has been taken, including the tests for an AI detection software and registration on Alibaba Intellectual Property Platform (Alibaba IPP).



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