The FREITAG Museum Proposal: 

An All-Green Sustainable Museum for A Fashion Corporate 
瑞士 FREITAFG 品牌绿色博物馆企划案

Museum design | Fashion company museum | Sustainable management

Milan, Italy (2019)

Supervisor: Prof. Guido Guerzoni

Research team: Jiahui Liao, Haoze Tan, Yilun Lou

External contributor: Zhenkai Yan


The proposal of a fashion company museum in a former industrial area derives from the convergence of following objectives:

  • Promoting the brand presence and ultimately, realising the museum’s own economic and environmental sustainability, while activating innovation on museum management;
  • Raising public awareness, education and engagement towards sustainability issues;
  • Supporting relevant research activities, both in scientific and social aspects;
  • Triggering positive local influence, including the reactivation of the industrial neighbourhood.

The proposed museum is designed with regards to the mission:  

To raise public awareness, appreciation and understanding of sustainable lifestyles, especially human-wear objects, meanwhile examining the eco-friendly products' relationship with the environment, arts and everyday culture.


With the concept of sustainability runs throughout, the study is divided into :

  • Museum design plan: definition of the museum concept, mission and objectives, target audience, architectural design, operational and exhibition plan, partners, expected impact (economic, social & cultural, environmental);
  • Museum management plan: organisational framework and asset, collection management, financing and budget, communication plan, activity timeline, KPIs.

The proposal is accompanied by an extensive benchmarking study of 15 museums worldwide, including fashion-themed museums and museums built by fashion brands with focus on either fashion or art.



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