Digital Resource Reproduction Plan of Europeana Fashion: with special focus on digital copyright law 

基于数字版权法考虑的 Europeana Fashion 数字资源再利用策划

Fashion archive | Intellectual property | Digital humanity

Milan, Italy  (2018)


Supervisor: Aura Bertoni

Research team: Caterina Arcaleni, Riccardo Brighenti, Emma Gaglianone, Serge Lambert, Jiahui Liao, Jurui Liu, Giulia Marcellini, Margherita Roncaia, Federica Rubino, as research assignment for Bocconi course "European and International Advanced IP Law"

The study aims at generating an co-created project idea (from benchmarking, formulating idea scenarios, to prototyping) devoted to the innovative, meaningful and feasible re-use of Europeana Fashion digital heritage content, in the respect of digital copyright law and other eventual legal implications. 

The final prototype is a technology start-up active in the online education field which provides users the possibility to use digital fashion content for learning and teaching purposes. 



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