Research essay: "Net Art" & "Art on the Net" ——Developing Forms of Digital Art Facing Intellectual Property Challenges

 《"网络艺术 "和 "在网络上的艺术"--面临知识产权挑战的数字艺术的发展形式》

Digital art | Intellectual property law | Digital Copyright

Milan, Italy  (2018)

Abstract The Internet’s capability of information storing and presenting has made it a suitable medium and technique for the art world, giving rise to different forms of digital art, including both the “Net Art” and “Art on the Net”. The addition of digital and computational elements to the art has brought opportunities and disruptions not only to the evolution of art history, but also to the regulation and practice of intellectual property issues, among which copyright comes to be the most important. In the face of the new challenges, the cultural institution community is well-advised to take positive actions and be more careful when addressing complex conflicts concerning the rights of digital arts.

Keywords: Digital Art, Net art, Digital Humanity, Intellectual Property, Digital Copyright



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