Jiahui Liao



1. "Living Traces"

Paris, France/ Shanghai, China/ Shenzhen, China/ Amsterdam, the Netherlands/ Milan, Italy (2020)


1. “Winter Rambler” Game App

The 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics Tourism Plan, for the Municipality of Milano

Milan, Italy  (2019).

2. Cultural Heritage Management System Analysis of Mount Emei Scenic Area, UNESCO Mixed Heritage Property

Milan, Italy (2019).

3. FREITAG® Museum Proposal 

Milan, Italy (2019).

4. 荔言 Lee Talk

Shenzhen, China (2019).


1. Cultural Vitality Analysis: Ex-Om Morivione, Ripamonti, and Scalo Porta Romana

MapMi Database

Milan, Italy  (2018).

2. Marketing consulting for Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

Milano, Italy (2018).

3. 如梦,如深大  A Dream of SZU 

Lyrics by Jiahui Liao, 

Composed by Kaihang Xiao, Sung by Jingjing Liu.

Shenzhen, China (2018).

4. 园几何 Liyuan Jihe

A logo design for SZU Liyuan Culture Festival.

Shenzhen, China (2018). 

Designed by Jiahui Liao, Zhenkai Yan. 

5. The Love Box 

An urban village residence renovation project

Location: Guimiao village, Shenzhen, China (2018)

Designer & Constructor: Zhenkai Yan, Jiahui Liao

Area: 20m2

Budget: 3,500 rmb


1. 石头建筑文化记 Stone Architecture of Bei Huang Ku 

A documentary film of 2-week field research in the stone village of Bei Huang Ku (北黄谷).

Shandong, China (2017). 

Shot and Produced by Jiahui Liao,

Cooperation with Kuo Jze Yi.  


1. 深圳大学学生会官方微信平台 2016 年度报告
SZU Student Union Official WeChat platform - Annual report 2016

Directed & designed by Jiahui Liao.

Shenzhen, China (2016).


1. 你的第二颗星球 Your second planet

A brand campaign for SZU Student Union

Designed by Jiahui Liao.

Shenzhen, China (2015).

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