Jiahui Liao



Stone Architecture of Bei Huang Ku

A documentary film of 2-week field research in the stone village of Bei Huang Ku (北黄谷).

Shandong, China (2017). 

Instructed by Kuo Jze Yi.  

Shot and Produced by Jiahui Liao. 

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A Dream of SZU

Lyrics by Jiahui Liao, Composed by Kaihang Xiao, Sung by Jingjing Liu.

Shenzhen, China (2018).

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Liyuan Jihe

A logo design for SZU Liyuan Culture Festival.

Shenzhen, China (2018). 

Designed by Jiahui Liao and Zhenkai Yan. 

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The Love Box -- An urban village residence renovation project

Location: Guimiao village, Shenzhen, China (2018)

Designer & Constructor: Zhenkai Yan, Jiahui Liao

Area: 20m2

Budget: 3,500 rmb

Renovations include: Space layout rearranged; Original wall repainted; Main light resource changed; Imitation-wood floor installed; New furniture assembled by hand.

Before Renovation

Process Record

Using Format